So, you have that one embarrassing, goofy, or totally strange story you love to share at parties, do you? Fantastic!

Here's how it works:

  1. First, record your story! (See below for audio tips.)
  2. Next, upload the file to a file-sharing service. For smaller files (<50MB), services like Dropbox or Google Drive work well. For larger files, you can try a service like WeTransfer, which lets you upload files up to 2GB for free.
  3. Once your file is uploaded, share a link to the file with In that email, include your name, email address, story title, and a brief story description.
  4. We'll have a listen to the story to see if it's a good fit for the show.
  5. If it is a good fit, it may be published as part of an audio episode within a season, a bonus episode for our patrons, or even a written episode for our blog that doesn't exist yet.
  6. Before we publish the story, we will send you an email asking you to agree to the release agreement.
  7. We'll notify you once your story has been published. (And if it is only shared to patrons, we'll make sure you get a copy, too.)

Story guidelines:

  • Your story should be truthful to the extent you can remember. We're here for entertainment, but we're looking for true stories.
  • By submitting your story, you're submitting with it the release agreement. So, you know, make sure you're not breaking any laws by telling this story.
  • While we may make edits to the audio, we're not in the censorship business. If you want to censor names or language, that's your responsibility. However, we do offer that your story be published without your name attached, but we likely will not change the sound of your voice.
  • Be confident and have fun. The best stories come out when our storytellers are relaxed and having a good time (sometimes this means a little liquid courage).

Audio tips:

  • How and where you record is totally up to you. There is background noise in almost all of our stories, and that's OK. We just need to hear the storyteller clearly and consistently.
  • While you can use any device to record (including your phone), we use this recorder for ad hoc stories.
  • Any audio file format is acceptable. You're best to just leave the file what it is by default after being exported from your phone or audio recorder.