Episode 02.09

The third and final week of The Stiffies features a dead (and stiff) horse along with a man and his quest to equip himself with a Magnum condom.

May 09, 2018


The song shared in this episode was "Trimmed And Burning" by The Whiskey Shambles (Aaron's band). You can find this song on Spotify and Google Play.


A Dead Horse

Jesse Waits

Jesse's dad would occasionally score the odd job. You know, like one where he'd have to bury a dead horse. And this one time, Jesse tagged along to see what his dad does at work.

Bigger On The Inside

Aaron Tyree

One of Squirrel Stories' favorites, Aaron Tyree, is back with yet another captivating tale. This one involves a young man, a condom, and the tension (or lack thereof) between the two.