Episode 02.06

Was it a gunshot or fireworks? How did you get involved in the Russian mafia? What do you do when you’re sure it’s a gunshot? These are the questions we ask (and answer) in this episode.

Apr 18, 2018


Our musical guest this week is local Cincinnati artist, Hungry Lucy. One half of the duo is our audio engineer, Warren Harrison. The track we shared is called Balloon Girl, and you can find it on Spotify, Google Play, or likely however you get your music.


Nightclub Mafia

Matt Franklin

It started out as a normal night on the town ... in Cleveland. So nothing out of the ordinary should happen, right? Wrong. Matt tells us how he may or may not have gotten involved with the Russian mafia during one such evening.

Neighboring Gunshots

Charlie Moore

Kentucky neighbors. What more is there to say? It was just a normal night, until Charlie heard the gunshot.