Episode 02.05

We’re getting lost. Or we’re losing. And then we’re (or our things are) going to try to find our (or their) way back home.

Apr 11, 2018


The music in the intro and credits is from a good friend of mine, Jess Lamb. The song is called Feel It, and you can find it (and more of her work) on Spotify, Google Play, or your other favorite music streaming service.


Colorblind Tailgating

Drew Hayes

They started in Gainesville, Florida as a group of Georgia fans. One of them ended up in ... Europe?

Chronic Phone Loss

Katie Davis

Katie has never met a phone she couldn't lose. In her decade or so of owning cell phones, she has lost nearly every one she has owned. Here's the mostly-chronological recounting of each of the events that left Katie phoneless.

The Carrot Story

Rob Sloan

Carrot was a friendly dog, but he had some issues that led to Rob and his family to look for a new home for Carrot. Well, Carrot didn't approve.