Episode 02.03

We this funny expression, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It’s clever, isn’t it? You can snort cocaine off a hooker’s chest, get married to a stranger, or see Taylor Swift live, and no one has to know, because you claimed immunity prior to performing any of those acts.

Mar 28, 2018


The music this week was from Krystal Peterson. You can find her music on Spotify or Google Music.


Drunk & Disorderly with Klingons

Dave Borcherding

Dave likes Star Trek. Dave like alcohol. And Dave likes Vegas, which is the perfect place for weird combinations like Star Trek and alcohol to turn into a complete disaster.

Test or Tradition?

Tim Fagel

When a person turns 21, there is tradition to honor. There are bars to be patronized. There are drinks to be had. Unfortunately (for some), 21st birthdays sometimes fall on the night before a big exam.