Episode 02.02

The struggle is real when some thing is in the way of our sleep. Be it a cloaked stranger, a hot toaster, a drunk friend, or even clothes.

Aaron Tyree is back for his first (of two) Season 2 appearances. Aaron shares with us two tales of just trying to go to sleep when sleep is not what those around him want him to be doing.

Mar 21, 2018


The music this week was from The Whiskey Shambles. Aaron Tyree (our storyteller this week) is their drummer.

You can find The Whiskey Shambles on Spotify or Google Music.


Toasted Buns

Aaron Tyree

Aaron stayed up late, drinking with his roommate. Aaron then became tired, as we all eventually do in these situations. His friend, however, was not pleased. What ensued was ... hot?

Cloaked & Winged

Aaron Tyree

Once again Aaron just wants to go to sleep. It's been a long week. But when he lays his head down, he quickly realizes he's not alone.