Déjà Vu

Episode 02.10

Déjà vu is such a unique feeling, isn’t it? We can be absolutely certain we’ve been a place and done a thing when there’s no real evidence to support it. In this episode we have two déjà vu stories, one intentional and the other accidental.

Will Johnson, Megan Steffen

May 16, 2018

The Stiffies, Pt. 3

Episode 02.09

The third and final week of The Stiffies features a dead (and stiff) horse along with a man and his quest to equip himself with a Magnum condom.

Jesse Waits, Aaron Tyree

May 09, 2018

The Stiffies, Pt. 2

Episode 02.08

The second week in The Stiffies series features the spirit of a friendly cat and the (drunk) girl next door.

Spencer Mapes, [Anonymous]

May 02, 2018

Gunshots Or Fireworks

Episode 02.06

Was it a gunshot or fireworks? How did you get involved in the Russian mafia? What do you do when you’re sure it’s a gunshot? These are the questions we ask (and answer) in this episode.

Matt Franklin, Charlie Moore

Apr 18, 2018

Adventures with Strangers

Episode 02.04

Let’s go on an adventure. Let’s go far away from home and encounter people and circumstances that are terrifying, disgusting, and somehow so completely human.

Becky Blank, Karla Weisenberger

Apr 04, 2018

Let Me Sleep!

Episode 02.02

The struggle is real when some thing is in the way of our sleep. Be it a cloaked stranger, a hot toaster, a drunk friend, or even clothes.

Aaron Tyree is back for his first (of two) Season 2 appearances. Aaron shares with us two tales of just trying to go to sleep when sleep is not what those around him want him to be doing.

Aaron Tyree

Mar 21, 2018

The Best Kind of Lunatic

Episode 02.01

Parents can be pretty weird. Insane. Lunatics! But it’s almost like that’s part of their job, because we still love them just the same.

Meaghan FitzGerald, [Anonymous]

Mar 14, 2018

[Trailer] Season 2

Episode 02.00

Season 2 is set to be released on March 14, and there’s a lot in store. Reliving high school, dead cats, awkward sexual encounters, a couple snakes, an encounter with the Russian mob, and oh so much more. It’s all coming in the next 10 episodes.

And there are a few other changes, too! We now have a Patreon page and a new website featuring quotes, merchandise, and an opportunity for you to share your stories with the show.

Mar 07, 2018


Episode 01.02

Find out what happens when my friend, Lora, as a child, hid a ham in an extra bedroom in her parent’s new house.

Lora Staiger

Jan 19, 2016

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